Glyconutrients – My Personal Story


Exactly how could this be occurring? Our dog (Tornado) simply received her one year appointment in June and also was offered a clean bill of health. In shock by the information, we refused to put Storm down and defied the referral of our veterinarian oncologist.

What followed could only be described as a lengthy exhaustive web and also phone look for cancer alternatives for pet dogs. After 100 hours of study in 2 weeks, we came across a holistic vet in our location. What we found out was shocking.


Pet dogs like people – even young puppies that are hardly adult canines are subjected to triggers every single day that can kick off a significant of unfortunate wellness occasions. These triggers can originate from the air we breath, the water we drink, the food we consume, and also the inoculations we require to remain healthy – indeed even inoculations can be a trigger to cancer cells.

Listening with moderated breath, we remained to pick up from our holistic veterinarian that conventional physicians deal with most auto immune conditions (like cancer cells) at the sign degree; however they never address the underlying question which is why did we get sick to begin with?

When your body runs out balance, your body falls short to do what it was designed to do – which is recover itself. When your cells quit talking to each other successfully they come to be corrupt. These corrupt cells can lead to health problems and when it comes to our Tornado – Lymphosarcoma.

It was suggested that we placed Storm on a glyconutrient supplementation program coupled with a raw diet high in healthy protein and also low in carbs. We started her on a prominent brand name of glyco supplements. These supplements consisted of the eight easy sugars that offer your body the foundation it requires to boost cell to cell communication.

Within two weeks of this program, the lump that Storm had was 90% gone. This was a growth that was two times the dimension of her heart on the ultrasound simply 2 weeks before. At the end of the first month, Storm was identified as remaining in remission.

Do not get me wrong. Cancer is a wise, nasty disease that alters and also has one objective – survival. Is there a cure for cancer? – most likely not. Exists a better means to treat cancer? – definitely. Are glyconutrients part of that far better therapy? – my viewpoint is YES.

Holly and also I have seen first hand what these glyconutrients can do. We both take them; as well as our canines both take them. Did we know about glyconutrients prior to Tornado was detected with cancer? – NO. Do most doctors understand about them? – NO. This is due to the fact that the discovery of glyconutrients is relatively brand-new and also has actually only lately been included in the educational program at clinical schools.

If you are or a loved one are dealing with an auto immune disorder I solid urge you to have a look at this site.

” Your body is an incredible health and wellness maker if you provide it the devices essential to recover itself”

David Filer is a company specialist that strives; and believes that whatever in life shoudl be done in small amounts. He counts on fitness and nutritiona and on the whole well being. His rate of interest and also enthusiasm for glyconutrients began when his pet dog was identified with cancer cells. His exhaustive search brought about his personal discovery of glyconutrients; as well as his incredible tale.

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